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Press Release!


ERMP Advocacy

  • Had representation at the Sundance Film Festival – 10th year
  • Maintained the North Carolina Film Awards with a new website online entry process
  • Had representation at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham – 10th year
  • Attended the Board of Advisors meeting at Piedmont Community College
  • Attended the Board of Advisors meeting at School of Communication Arts
  • Release 4 press releases
  • Created and maintained online news section of the website
  • Maintained the Crafty Award contest – 3rd year
  • Maintained the Carolina Lily Talent Pageant – 3rd year
  • Attended and presented at SilentEdge Entertainment Machete Awards – 3rd year
  • Mailed 30 advocacy letters to State and Federal Senators regarding ERMP and volunteerism
  • Created new artistic website promoting advocacy


ERMP Corporate

  • Maintained Vimeo.Com website to experiment with streaming HD footage
  • Maintained a strategic relationship with Skylee Entertainment
  • Maintained a strategic relationship with John Kerans, Jr. Productions
  • Maintained a strategic relationship with Silent Edge Entertainment
  • Maintained a strategic relationship with the Triangle Arts Entertainment Group
  • Conducted third year of online voting for Crafty Award
  • Sent out Holiday greeting cards for 13th year in a row
  • Reduced volunteer base and staff to 28 by November
  • Released 3 EMRs
  • Filed all appropriate IRS and NC Department of Revenue forms
  • Maintained financial software db for 2013
  • Utilized Google Analytics software on ERMP website to track activity and publish reports in EMRs
  • Mailed Organizational Status Placement Postcards to all members
  • John Kearns, Jr. maintained the ERMP office in CA
  • Emailed to all members the Goals for 2014
  • Emailed to all members the Accomplishments for 2013
  • Developed new website for the Crafty Award
  • Developed new website for the Eno Honors
  • Developed new website for the Carolina Lily Talent Pageant
  • Final Lensing of “Sons of our Fathers” completed in September
  • Location scouting trip to Chancellorsville, VA for “Sons of our Fathers”


ERMP Crystal Coast

  • With the transformation of ERMP from a full production and media company to an advocacy group changes were made in the approach we used to promote ERMP.  One of these changes was the responsibilities of our Miss Carolina Lily.  Once Jessica Lucas was named the new Miss Carolina, we began an ERMP promotional campaign featuring her across the state.
  • This included an on location interview for the long running entertainment video journal Blank Surface that was shot in Sanford, North Carolina.  Jessica met Jim Babel, Catherine Sewell, and Jason Damico.
  • Jessica also met with the head of EUE/Screen Gems in Wilmington, North Carolina, Bill Vassar at an event for Danny McComas who has been instrumental to the film and television industry in North Carolina for many years.  In attendance were Governor Beth Purdue and Mayor Bill Saffo.
  • Jessica met with Senator Parmon in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Senator Parmon is a wonder advocate for the film and television industry in North Carolina as she is based in our states City of the Arts.
  • Jessica was on hand for an extremely successful fund raiser for Hidden Wounds that was held on location at The Fat Pelican in Carolina Beach, North Carolina.  The Fat Pelican is featured in many productions done here in North Carolina included the very popular series Eastbound and Down.
  • Todd Johnson on the West Coast added a series of interviews with people in the industry who have deep ties to the rich history of North Carolina’s in the film industry.  These interviews are being used as a promotional tool for ERMP to help educate, facilitate, and advocate the film and television industry here in North Carolina on the area government channels.
  • This year, 2013, marked the 3rd winner in the Carolina Music Awards who have been a part of ERMP.  First was Jason Damico as young artist of the year, then Becca June as Country Artist of the Year, and now Roxanna Demers young artist of the Year.  Roxanna is one of the stars of the series The Rusty Bucket Kids TV Show.
  • The far reaching message of what we are doing at ERMP has been supported by the likes of Francis Soto in Germany, Mathias Holm-Klarin in Sweden, and others from New Zealand to the great state of Alaska.
  • In closing I would like to remind you of our interview with Johnny Griffin and the year ends edition of Blank Surfaces and the promotional series being produced in part with the help of Cape Fear Community College about ERMP.
  • Long time members and supporters of ERMP involved are Lester Langdale and his brother David Langdale, Catherine Sewell, Todd Johnson, John Demers, Roxanna Demers, Jason Dameco, Jim Babel, Zoe Noell, Jessica Lucas, Guy Walker, Jack Perry, and a host of others.
  • Not to go without mentioning a very special guest appearance are made by the world renowned musicians Francis Soto, Mathias Holm-Klarin, Jon Raven, and Ron Feuer.