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ERM 2019 Yearly Slogan

ERM 2019 New Board of Director Officers Elected

ERM 2018 Cardinal Vendor Certificates Awarded

ERM 2018 NCFA Fall Award Winners


2018 Fall NCFA Award Winners



New BOA Member, James Waugh, Announced October 2016

New BOA Member, John Worley, Announced September 2016

New BOD Member, Michael Tove, Announced September 2016

NCFA Spring 2016 Winners

ERMP Perry Inauguration Ceremony February 2016


ERMP Announces 2014 Crafty Winners

ERMP announces Miss Carolina Lily Arbor Day NC Film Industry Event Press Release

ERMP Cardinal Vendor Certificate 2014 Press Release

ERMP Press Release ENCFF Partnership with ERMP 2015

ERMP Press Release Yearly Slogan 2015

ERMP’s Anthony Dowling inducted into the Silent Edge Entertainment Hall of Fame for 2014 Press Release

The Fall 2015 North Carolina Film Award Winners Announced 01.25.2015


ERMP Announces 2013 Crafty Winners

ERMP Applauds NC Grant Program

ERMP Applauds Tony Adams Garnering a Top Spot in Lobbyist Ranking for Recent Legislative Session

ERMP Awards Todd Johnson Carolina Lily Actor Certificate for Years of Participation 09.15.14

ERMP BOD Elects new President

ERMP Cardinal Vendor Certificate 2013 Press Release

ERMP Hires Alex Chaffee – Director of Resource Development

ERMP Hires Lobbyist

ERMP Press Release Slogan 2014

ERMP Two New BOD Press Release March 2014

Silent Edge Entertainment to Premiere short movie


ERMP Cardinal Vendor Certificate 2012 Press Release

ERMP Crafty Award Winners Announced Press Release 03.22.2013

ERMP Miss Carolina Lily 2013 Press Release

ERMP Press Release Slogan 2013


ERMP Eno Vendor Award Winners Announced Press Release February

Eno River Media Production announces new 2012 Slogan Making Movies Makes Sense in NC


ERMP Announces New Deputy Director of Eno Shorts Division John Kearns, Jr.

ERMP Announces New Director of Personnel Miles Johnson

ERMP Crafty Award Winners Announced Press Release October

ERMP New BOA Press Release July

ERMP Walls that Bleed Press Release October 2011


Director Mitch Uscher Completes Principal Production for Movie Pas De Un

Eno River Media Production is ready to “Celebrate the Arts” for 2011

ERMP wins the 2010 “Future Business” Machete Award

Miss Carolina Lily Talent Pageant Announces First Winner 10.2010

Miss Carolina Lily Talent Pageant Open for Applications 10.2010

Production Ends for The Lighthouse

The North Carolina Film Award 2010 In Consideration List Release 12.2010

The North Carolina Film Award 2010 is Open for Applications 10.2010


Emily Edwards Rejoins NY Chapter of NAAS 04.09.09

ERMP and Brutality Records Alliance Press Release

Mr. Gilliam PC Donation 02

Press Release

Two ERMP BOD Members Relocate to LA 04.09.09 Press Release


Board of Directors Continuing ERMP Press Release

Board of Directors New ERMP Press Release

Chad Smith Pam Calci Co Hosts of Barchords Renewed 01 Press Release-1

Chandler Vatavuk as Deputy Director of Personnel – Talent Press Release 01

ERMP and Ax Communications Alliance Press Release

ERMP and Silent Edge Entertainment LLC Alliance Press Release

ERMP and STARFLEET Alliance Press Release

ERMP Continuing Press Release

ERMP New BOD Press Release

John Day as Director of Marketing and Advertising Press Release

Josh Johnson Directs Elimination Movie for ERMP 01

Lorraine Messina has joined NY Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Press Release

Mark Winston Producer of Barchords Press Release

Michael Elliott Press Release

Mr. Gilliam PC Donation 05 Press Release

Nicholson Director of Security Press Release 01

Nicholson Director of Security Press Release 02

Presidents Service Award Participation Press Release 2008

The Last Breakfast wins a Telly Award – ERMP Press Release 01

The Last Breakfast wins in Carrboro Film Festival – ERMP Press Release 01

Travis Johnson Directs Relapse Movie for ERMP 01

Foundation and Corporate Sponsorships

Foundation and Corporate Sponsorship

Eno River Media Production Corporation operates through the generous support of Foundations and Corporate Sponsorships. For information on how ERMP can help meet your Foundation’s or Corporation’s goals, please contact:

Anthony Dowling, Executive Director

Eno River Media 

PO Box 278

Hillsborough, NC  27278

Phone (919) 798 – 3514 E-mail – adowling@ermp.tv

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Lobby Expense Report Q01 2016

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North Carolina Film Coalition Lobby Report Q3 2016

Lobby Expense Report Q4 2016

North Carolina Film Coalition Secretary of State DBA 2015

Lobby Expense Report Q01 Long Form 2015

Lobby Expense Report Q01 Short Form 2015

Lobby Expense Report Q02 2015

Lobby Expense Report Q03 2015

Lobby Expense Report Q04 2015

Lobby Expense Report Q01 2014

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Lobby Expense Report Q04 C 2014

ERMP Corporate Establishing Documents

ERMP By Laws Amended 08.08.2013

NC Department of Revenue Non Profit Proof Letter

USA Federal IRS Non Profit Proof Letter

Amendment to North Carolina Articles of Incorporation

North Carolina Articles of Incorporation

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Any web related concerns are to be brought to the attention of Anthony Dowling:


Industry Affiliations

Industry Affiliations

Eno River Media affiliates with progressive industry professional organizations. Membership in these organizations help ERMP staff keep abreast of industry directions and changes. For information on each organization please click the logo: artWorks CIME DB Idealist Naea NCarts NCCF nonprofit-finance-fund productionHUB pvscertorg Volunteer-CenterofDurham Volunteermatch

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ERMP Privacy Policy

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