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“As one of the coordinators of the New Bern Film Makers Conference, I was especially impressed with the short movie Jump Ground. Kris Bain has shown extraordinary talent in his work. There were many great comments from the audience about Jump Ground after the showing. We expect to see more of Kris’s talent in the future.”

Sue Rasmussen

Coordinator, New Bern Film Makers Conference

“After spending numerous years trying to get our local industry professionals to take NC actors seriously and to realize the wonderful talent we have within our own State before seeking it in other ones, and after trying diligently to help train, promote and represent up and coming artists in the Carolinas, it’s so wonderful to find a company such as ERMP, headed by Anthony Dowling, where local talent can come to audition, be taken seriously, be critiqued and be given opportunities to work on creative shorts and Indie films, all leading up to principal roles in up and coming feature films.”
“North Carolina is SO fortunate to have this wonderful company helping to promote the passionate actors of TODAY who will be the stars of TOMORROW!”

Janine Jannicelli, Owner

Discoveries Talent Agency

“I appreciate your time and energy. … you are doing really exciting and valuable work. Best of luck with your endeavors.”

Hon. Michael F. Easley

Former N.C. Governor

“ERMP is unique in the sense that the organization strongly promotes the interests of its business allies. In essence, ERMP’s corporate vision is dedicated to promoting the best possible opportunities for the artists and crew in our entertainment industry. ERMP seeks to understand and apply the benefits cooperative networking can accomplish for everyone involved with video production in the state of North Carolina.  This sets them apart as leaders from the rest of the pack.”

Jason Damico

Actor / Musician

“The production team at ERMP is a pleasure to work with, top notch, knowledgeable professionals.”

Stewart Nelsen

Video and Sound Editor, SecondSon Film

“ERMP has cast many of our talent in their productions and we have had great feedback about their professionalism and wonderful quality of these projects. Best of luck and continued success to ya’ll.”

Anne Greene

Talent One

“Not only was Jump Ground a very real film, it was very real to me. Being a Christian, (It portrayed) what, why and whom we should fear. The short movie was very prophetic to me. I loved being a part of the production. Thanks to ERMP and Eyesight Films.”

Todd Ferrell


“I Love…I Love…I LOVE this new site! Everything is 2000% better. Excellent job! This will get us noticed!”

Eric Barstow

Director, Henderson, NC


Former First Lady of the United States